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January 21, 2011
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Gear'd up for Steampunk by ChanzeKitsune Gear'd up for Steampunk by ChanzeKitsune
I had an inspirational moment for the first time in about two months! It's amazing! I have had a serious case of artist's block. Oy. It was horrible.

Back to the actual art. This fruit bat has more of a history than most any other character that I have... Thats not saying much, because almost none of my drawings have any story. If you would like to give suggestions for his name (please do, I have a hard time naming things) just post it right down there in a comment.

Our story begins in a world much unlike our own, in a far away place called Twinrova. Some may ask, "Is Twinrova the city or the planet." to which I must say the city. Our young hero in this photo is around 16-18. But lats not get ahead of ourselves. To the past! *makes time machine noises* Our hero is now about ten. He has grown up in a society of classical English and modern or some may say advanced technology. He is currently on his way to deliver some boxes of supplies to his neighbor when he stops. He looks around, shrugs, and then continues his task. *points in the sky* "This era has skyships for sustained flight and other purposes. In fact the ground you are standing on is actually metal plating resting roughly 10,000 feet in the air. Twinrova was know as one of the largest floating cities." *points back at the boy* "Looks like he is heading toward the docks." *sneaks behind him motioning for you all to follow* He walks up a ramp to a parked skyship. *brutal sounds are coming from inside* "Oh no! our poor little friend has been ambushed by the worst kind of pirates, andriods." The boy gets thrown out of the ship just as it takes off. The docking ramp, a huge piece of metal, falls onto his left arm and wing which are henceforth rendered useless. "Come on! we have to get him to a doctor!" *scoops up the boy running as quickly as possible to a hospital. When we arrive nurses rush out and take the boy into the operating room* "This town is also noted for its doctors." *we wait for what feels like hours when a nurse finally comes out telling us that he will be fine but his wing and arm had to be amputated. (which is not that rare in a world that takes this many risks)...
Stay tuned next time for maybe more of the story or some other part of it. Whichever comes to mind.

I hope you enjoy the art and the short story.

Background is an edited wallpaper.
Edits to the wallpaper done by me.
Actual image is not mine.
Xancholis Jan 26, 2011   Traditional Artist
(and as a sidenote name suggestion: Tsem.)
ChanzeKitsune Jan 27, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Great suggestion. Thanks
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